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Clarkson Gray Financial Planning Ltd

David & Jeremy who have been involved in the financial services industry for the past 20 years head the firm.

As truly independent financial advisors, regulated directly by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)we are able to offer impartial advice on a fee or commission basis.

We aim to provide all of our clients with a professional & personal service.

We are available for meetings & consultations at our office, or if more convenient, at your work or home.

Phone Number: 01603 861610

Fax: 01603 861690




First Class Learning

FCL provides supplementary Maths and English programmes for children aged between 4 and 16.

Around 210 children are enrolled across our three local centres (Taverham, Thorpe and Cringleford). Each child gets support and practice to complement the work done in school. Our all-British programmes follow the National Curriculum.

Our students vary widely in ability. Some are gifted, and come because they aren’t being stretched in school. Others come because they are struggling. Most are average children who “could do better”. Each individual has his/her own programme, and can move along slowly or quickly as appropriate.

We have children from independent as well as state schools. Our parents include teachers and educational psychologists.

Please contact us for an information pack.

Enquiries: 01603 423405

Number for existing clients: 01603 861608


[email protected]



myDNAhealth is an award winning genetic testing company who continually researches genes and develops DNA tests and nutrigenomic supplements for nutritional practitioners and healthcare professionals. The company offers a number of genetic tests (called DNA panels) including the Comprehensive DNA panel, Wellness & Weight Management DNA panel, Methylation DNA panel, Detoxification DNA panel, Oestrogen DNA panel, Inflammation DNA panel and nutritional sensitivities and requirements panel.  Their unique epigenetics based DNA reports is revolutionising personalised nutrition by combining genetic testing with clinical questionnaires which highlights a person’s genetic risk variants and the impact of their environment and lifestyle on their gene expression.  The approach has enabled practitioners to unlock the code to their client’s healthy living. Genetic testing sets the scene for future health issues but it’s the environmental factors which make the difference.  Nutrition and lifestyle changes can go a long way to change a client’s health destiny.

Tel 01603 861614



Ian Woodley Psychotherapy

Ian Woodley is an experienced and well-respected therapist with many years of successfully treating clients in a wide range of situations and personal challenges using psychotherapy, hypnosis and NLP. He became interested in this line of work after receiving hypnotherapy for a sugar addiction (8 spoon full’s of sugar in a mug of tea and up to 40 mugs a day)! He is constantly refreshing his training, and is currently undertaking research programs in weight management, and mental health issues. Ian works on a person-centred basis in a mind full way, and has a total non-judgmental positive regard for all his clients. References are available, and he is a member of a number of different national registers and associations including the government back Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Phone 01603 381381







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